Seriously though, Why so Corporeal?

To put it simply, it was my poor attempt at being coincidentally indistinct. The truth is that we live, on the surface, a corporeal life. The twist comes when you try to dig further than skin color or active habits, for that is when we discover that everything else stems fundamentally from your soul. Your spirit is the driving force behind all love, reason, ambition, and confusion in this world.

The corporeal life of Jeff, at its core, could be summed up in a few short sentences. I am a brown haired, brown eyed, 6’1”, white, and middle class male. I have size 12 shoes and a 34” inseam; I sleep six hours most nights and have an unpredictable sweet tooth.
Yep. That’s about it.

This blog is an attempt, a poor attempt at bringing everything else: the ambiguity of life caused by a wicked heart and a mislead spirit: into the corporeal. Meaning, I am forcing myself to create a tangible setting for the intangible, so that we all may better understand what we do not see.

Maybe we’ll learn, maybe we won’t, but to quote the late local band The Aimless Pursuit, “I still gotta try.”

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