Some words I wrote “I’ll never win this battle”


Oh, I fought through this war and I fought like my life was dependent on winning the fight.
Cause’ to live in a world that if free of you is my own right.
so, I charged with the cavalry, spear, and the sword and the, archers gave preemptive strike,
But you gave all your troops rum and guns and screamed, “Show him the Light!”

Oh I wasn’t, prepared, for the slaughter, that was waiting for me, and I listened, to your demands
But the problem, is this, I’m more stubborn than the cattle of mule, and I’ll never, give you your lamb

In the face of reality, you seem to scorn and ignore the presumptive design,
And you live in your own world that lacks any thought of sublime.
such a powerful hold, such a sorrowful love, and my life was a foil to your plot,
But like nothing has changed, you hand me the life that you want.

Although selfish, I am, I just want out, like a cat in the stream, so I give you proposals to leave.
We know this just, won’t work, and I’ll find out, what’s really happening, so i want you, to let me be.

And I won’t speak another word without, your approval,
If you just let me sing my songs and remove, all your doubt.
Cause’ nothing will be, okay, if you act like your doubts, are fake.
Just play by the rules, and you will find you are not alone, you’re not alone, you’re not alone, you were never alone.

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